09/10/2021by Gummi

Reykjavík hosts first hybrid UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature Annual Conference

From 6 to 10 September 2021, Reykjavik hosted the first hybrid UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature Annual Conference. Under the theme Reconnect in Reykjavík, highlighting the need to reconnect after the isolation experienced during the pandemic, the conference brought together creative talents from the world of literature and key players on the City’s literary scene, offering delegates from UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature the opportunity to see the exceptional work being done in Reykjavik to support its flourishing literary industry.

Coinciding with Reykjavík’s ten-year anniversary in 2021 as a member of the UCCN, the conference saw the publication of a collection of new essays on creativity and writing previously launched at the Reykjavík International Literary Festival. Delegates also supported the city’s literary assets by presenting the Reykjavik’s Library with children’s books from their respective cities, nurturing the spirit of global unity and cultural understanding amongst Reykjavik’s youth.

During this milestone event, delegates also had the opportunity to share experiences and best practice in the support of literary consumption and production within the context of the pandemic. They further went on to discuss post-COVID-19 recovery and tackling urban social issues, whilst exploring future collaborations, and discussing the growth and symbiotic development within the Network.

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